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The State Of Crispy Tacos In Austin Texas Part One: Tamale House East

I would venture to say that 90 percent of all Anglo-Americans’ introduction to Mexican food is via the crispy taco. The pleasures of an Old El Paso Taco Dinner kit to a young palate are manifold. Growing up in Eastern … Continue reading

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Texas Daily Photo: Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up #7: The Wild Foods Of Texas

Looks like Tamale House got a hold of the Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up event poster. I wasn’t going to release it for a few more days. It’ll probably go viral as long lines form at the east Austin eatery … Continue reading

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Texas Daily Photos: Thai Noodle House In Austin Texas

One of the first Thai restaurants I ever visited in Austin, Texas. The owner, Eddie Nimibutr is on the hotseat right now for some comments he made regarding the school shooting in Connecticut. It will be interesting to see if … Continue reading

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Texas Barbecue Photos: John Mueller And John Lewis

Utterly unbelievable. I’ve been covering the Texas barbecue scene since the early 90s and this is the biggest story to break out of the world of Texas smoked meat in eons. John Lewis, former pit boss at Franklin Barbecue has … Continue reading

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SPIN Modern Thai In The Suburban Wilds Of Northwest Austin

On a lazy, Texas Saturday afternoon, I was in the strip mall dominated neighborhood of US 183 and Lakeline when I happened upon SPIN Modern Thai. I thought that surely in this neighborhood, modern is a euphemism for non-authentic, bland, … Continue reading

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Scrumptious Chef Soul Food Pop Up Restaurant: Sun Aug 5th At 3 Little Pigs Food Truck

After Scrumptious Chef Pop Up #1, barbecue edition we took the lay of the land and decided to wade back into the fray with Pop Up #2. This time we’re tackling soul food. Adrian Miller, the soul food scholar{whom you … Continue reading

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The Art Of The Cocktail Part One: The Lonely Bullfighter

I’ve had a long love affair with well mixed cocktails. The people who prepare them, bars stretching from rural Texas to Istanbul, and the culture that surrounds the art of the cocktail have long fascinated me. A perfectly crafted drink, … Continue reading

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Soul Food In Austin, Texas: Marcus Samuelsson Comes To Town

I spend a lot of time thinking about soul food. Growing up in Eastern Kentucky, country cooking, a cousin to the genre, was on my family’s table seven nights a week. We raised our own beef, our own pork, and … Continue reading

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Austin Texas Barbecue Pop Up Restaurant At Three Little Pigs Food Truck

Pop up restaurants are hugely popular in cities like New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago and Portland, but Austin’s largely been left out in the cold of this new phenomena. Til now. This Sunday, July 15th, Chef Raymond Tatum is turning … Continue reading

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Update: Amado “Mayo” Pardo, Two Time Killer, Texas Syndicate Member And Founder Of Jovita’s Cantina

The big, mean dog is going berserk. I’m standing on Milton Street where the FBI raid on the house of Amado Mayo Pardo took place, and the big shepherd is trying desperately to batter down the fence of his master’s … Continue reading

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Bridget Dunlap, The Tigress Of Rainey Street Set To Face Off Against Slew Of Entrepreneurs

Javelina on Rainey Street On a recent sunny afternoon I went for a walk down beautiful and historic Rainey Street just south of downtown Austin. I’ve been following the media dust up over this neighborhood for well over a decade … Continue reading

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The Rise Of The Food Trucks: Can Chicago Be The Next Austin, Texas?

Austin, Texas is the leader in the United States food truck industry. We have more trucks than any other city. We have better trucks than any other city and we have more diversity in the foods offered than any other … Continue reading

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Iliana de la Vega’s Oaxacan Kitchen: El Naranjo Is Reborn On Rainey Street

One of the most viewed articles I’ve ever penned for this site was a review of Iliana de la Vega’s entry into  Austin’s Mexican food scene with her Oaxacan cuisine  trailer; El Naranjo Mobile. {http://chowpapi.com/el-naranjo-mobile-iliana-de-la-vegas-oaxacan-kitchen/} The chef  arrived amid a … Continue reading

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Prohibition Ends! Celebrate Repeal Day, December 5th In Austin Texas In High Style

The great shame of a great state; you can’t choose who your sons and daughters may be. Perhaps this is why few people are aware of the fact that Carrie Nation was born in Kentucky. It’s not something of which … Continue reading

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A Very Fine Southern Breakfast: Galloway Sandwich Shop

I’m always on the lookout for good sausage. Living in Central Texas makes this pursuit easy as pie what with all the Czech, Austrian and German emigrees residing within 100 miles in any direction you care to drive. That’s another … Continue reading

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