Round Rock Texas Your Prayers Have Been Answered: Jack Allen’s Kitchen Prepares To Open In Williamson County

picture: Jack Gilmore of Jack Allen’s Kitchen

Update October 1st 2012: Jack Allen’s Kitchen’s Round Rock location is now open.



I’ve had a love affair with Jack Allen’s Kitchen since the day they opened at the Y in Oak Hill. Chef Jack Gilmore brings high tech cooking techniques {sous vide} and marries them with old school Texas traditions {chicken frying} and delivers a Tex Mex menu that digs sharp elbows into the rib cages of a lot of Austin’s old school Mexican restaurants.

He’s got a circulator the size of a Volkswagen in his kitchen.

Huge, huge success. I’ve learned to go during off times due to the mammoth crowds that flock to the former Y Bar and Grill. You haven’t lived til you’ve had a chicken fried beef rib that easily weighs a pound, washed down with a bowl of Tex Mex style queso thick with roasted pork.

Now our northern neighbors; Round Rock, Texas get to see what all the fuss is about.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen is opening for business and they’re throwing a party to celebrate.

On Thursday July 19th Jack Gilmore is hosting a tailgate party with tons of free food and tours of the soon to be opened restaurant. Perhaps this opening will help to balance out the hard punch to the belly that Round Rock just took with the opening of Voodoo BBQ.

See y’all out there.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen Round Rock
2500 Hoppe Trail
Round Rock, TX 78681


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