Rocky And Carlos Reopens After The Fire: Wop Salads And Baked Mac Are At The Ready

I had bad timing on my most recent visit to New Orleans. Rocky and Carlos, est. 1965, had just reopened from the fire that badly damaged the restaurant in February of this year, but I attempted to eat there on a Monday-their day off.

I’ve been riding out to Chalmette for years to eat at this old school Sicilian Creole joint near the old Kaiser Aluminum plant. It’s one of the few restaurants I’ve ever visited that features portion sizes that cow the platings out here in Texas.

One plate of food from the kitchen of Rocky and Carlos could easily feed 4 people. But size doesn’t matter if the flavor’s not there. With eighty years of combined kitchen experience; Leonarda “Nana” Gioe {86} and 76-year-old Thomas Tommaseo man the ranges, turning out heroically sized platters of braciola and veal parmigiana as well as fried seafood po boys as long as your arm.

You won’t go hungry.

There’s plenty to do in St. Bernard Parish when you get done eating at Rocky and Carlos. Tag’s Meat Market and Deli is just around the way, and serves the finest hog’s head cheese in the New Orleans area. They also put out the best muffaletta I’ve ever eaten in Louisiana.

Students of American history can work off their wop salads by hiking the battlefield where the famous “Battle of New Orleans” took place. This is where future president Andrew Jackson led a small group of American fighters into battle against a huge collective of British soldiers. The defeat of the British effectively ended the war of 1812.

Rocky and Carlos fought off Hurricane Betsy back in ’65. They were flooded with 4 feet of water when Katrina marched through the parish in 2005 and now they’ve proven their resilience once more vs the fire that roared through their building in 2012.

You’ve got to be tough to make it in the restaurant business and Rocky and Carlos has proved their mettle time and again.


613 W Saint Bernard Hwy
Chalmette, LA 70043
(504) 279-8323
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