New Trappist Beer: Brewery De Kievit Of Maria Toevlucht Abbey Brews Zundert Trappist In The Netherlands

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have toured Europe drinking the best beers on earth near the source: The Trappist beers of Belgium, The Netherlands and Austria.

Now it’s time to start planning another trip to the Netherlands as Zundert, hometown of Van Gogh, and the Maria Toevlucht Abbey (est.1899) recently unveiled the brand new Brewery de Kievit carrying along with it the highly treasured Trappist appellation.

Head brewer Brother Christian presides over a 1,000 gallon+ brew kettle with the ability to produce over 79k gallons per annum. When asked to describe the new beer, the monks at the abbey said it was “a bit unruly and stubborn.”

The world of Trappist beer is on fire these days. In 2012, Trappist Brewery Engelszell in Engelhartszell, Austria began production of Gregorius bringing the number of official Trappist monk beers worldwide to eight.

That was followed by news from the US that Massachusetts was preparing for the first Trappist beer produced on non-European soil: Spencer from the monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey.

Now, with Brewery de Kievit entering the fray, the world has ten Trappist breweries! Each carries the Authentic Trappist Product logo denoting the difference between the genuine article and a fraud.

I love the modern craft beer movement taking place in the US but at the end of the day my heart belongs to the Trappist monks of the world. They are making the finest craft beer on earth.




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