Michael Stern Visits The Shop-N-Cart In Lily Kentucky

Chili buns from the Shop-N-Cart in Lily, Kentucky

I was poring over the Roadfood website this morning when I discovered one of my food writing heroes recently visited the ne plus ultra of chili buns on the Eastern Kentucky Chili Bun Trail: the Shop-N-Cart In Lily

Michael Stern was rattling down dusty backroads on the hunt for roadfood before many of us were born. He and his wife Jane make a formidable writing pair, and have had a 40-plus year-long career penning books on the forgotten, and undersung mom and pop diners across the U.S.

I bought their first Roadfood book before I was old enough to legally drive a car, and I still own it to this day.

Read the esteemed Mr Stern’s review of The Shop-N-Cart In Lily Kentucky

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