Louisiana Daily Photo: Zuppardo’s Supermarket

To thoroughly fall in love with a place you have to have an affair with a supermarket in that place.

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

When I lived in Kentucky I was mad for IGA Foodliner; when I lived in Alabama I loved Western Supermarket; when I lived in Texas I romanced Fiesta Mart, and now that I live in Louisiana I spark Zuppardo’s.

Thank God they’re all the way out in Jefferson Parish and no longer on Esplanade or I’d weigh 400lbs.

There’s no finer way to spend an afternoon than leisurely combing the aisles of Zuppardo’s til your buggy’s sagging under the weight of country style pork ribs, Utz chips, Binder loaves, and lady cream peas.

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