Louisiana Daily Photo: Wallace Johnson And Lori Walls

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Wallace Johnson is the old lion of boudin in the state of Louisiana. His daddy, Arneastor, introduced Acadiana to the sale of commercial boudin way back in the 1940s at his Johnson’s Grocery in Eunice.

Boudin was abundant prior to then but people just ate what they prepared, they didn’t sell it to the public.

After a seven decade run, Johnson’s Grocery shuttered back in 2005 but Wallace Johnson was back in the game soon enough. His daughter Lori and her husband Greg Walls opened Johnson’s Boucaniere in 2008 reportedly due to the dearth of edible boudin in the region.

You know you’ve got high standards when you open a boudin parlor in the heart of Acadiana ’cause there’s just no good boudin out there.

That’s like opening a brisket shack in Austin cause it’s so hard to get decent barbecue in central Texas.

Johnson’s Boucaniere is much more than just a boudin shack though. They sell some of the best hotplates in the region and reportedly are doing land-office business in the breakfast trade.

1111 St John St
Lafayette, LA

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