Louisiana Daily Photo: Waitress At Los Frijolitos In Marksville

I had an excellent late-night meal at Los Frijolitos in Marksville last month.

After decades spent in Texas I’d given up on finding good queso in Louisiana but my meal at this tiny mom n pop in a repurposed Taco Bell abated my Texas-born hunger pangs.

Los Frijolitos in Marksville, Louisiana

Los Frijolitos in Marksville, Louisiana

A $2 margarita in a beer stein set the tone for what would be the best Mexican meal I’ve had in Louisiana since eating at the old Santa Fe in the Marigny in New Orleans two decades ago.

Totopos were fresh, hot, thin and house fried; queso compuesto was loaded with refried beans and carne molida and served alongside a tiny carafe of a tomato-based salsa that could’ve done any Tex Mex diner in San Antonio proud.

Unfortunately the queso appetizer was so large that I had to call it a day after scraping the bowl clean but if I find myself in Central Louisiana again I will make a beeline for Los Frijolitos and their San Antonio-style Mexican food.

Los Frijolitos
433 Tunica Dr E
Marksville, LA

Operating Hours

Sun 11-9:30
Mon 11-9:30
Tue 11-9:30
Wed 11-9:30
Thu 11-9:30
Fri 11-9:30
Sat 11-10:30

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