Louisiana Daily Photo: Vazquez Restaurant

“If Judge Arthur Hunter can go home and put his head on the pillow tonight and have a clear conscience and go to sleep, may he rest in hell”

Louisiana Daily Photo: Vazquez Restaurant via RL Reeves Jr

Louisiana Daily Photo: Vazquez Restaurant via RL Reeves Jr

Thus spake Kimberly Vazquez, the widow of slain Gentilly restaurant owner Jose Vazquez upon hearing of the judge sentencing Prosecutor Eusi Phillips to five days in jail on contempt of court charges.

Philips had successfully prosecuted killer Tyrone Wells in the death of Vazquez who was killed in 2003 in an early morning break-in at his restaurant.

Arthur Hunter felt like the prosecutor had been disrespectful toward him during the 2009 trial.

Tyrone Wells received a sentence of life in prison without the benefit of parole.

post script: These are the things you find out when you take pictures of old abandoned restaurants in New Orleans.

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