Louisiana Daily Photo: Turtle Soup

When it’s time to splurge on a fancy meal in New Orleans I find myself helpless in the tractor beam-like pull of Restaurant R’evolution in New Orleans French Quarter.

Pictured is a luscious bowl of turtle soup complete with deviled eggs as a garnish.

Louisiana Daily Photo: Turtle Soup via rl reeves jr

Louisiana Daily Photo: Turtle Soup via rl reeves jr

R’evolution is a top flight soup kitchen; you haven’t lived til you’ve had their Death By Gumbo, an homage to Acadiana via the dangerous mind of Chef John Folse.

I doubt Folse spends a whole lot of time in the kitchen at his restaurant but whomever he’s entrusted with his range and stock pots is cracking good.

And that gumbo is one of the best in town but when it’s all said and done it’s the turtle soup that keeps me coming back.

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