Louisiana Daily Photo: There Will Be No Ponderosa Stomp In 2019

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

For many years I took the 500 mile motorbike ride from Austin to New Orleans once a year to hit the Ponderosa Stomp. Promoter Dr Ike Padnos put on one of the country’s top music festivals every single year…until he didn’t.

A few years back the Stomp went biennial, and now it appears to have careered to a halt as 2019 was supposed to be an “on” year.

This is a crushing loss for New Orleans music scene as the Stomp brought many old-timer musicians out of retirement for one or two nights a year so they could revel in the adoration of their fans for one last time.

Now those old cats and kittens will miss that one last time to shine, and we the fans, will miss giving them the adulation they deserve.

It’s a lose, lose for all concerned.

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