Louisiana Daily Photo: Frenchmen Meat Market

Special agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were instrumental in shuttering this old meat market in New Orleans 7th Ward.

Back in March 2013, the agents began investigating the Frenchmen/Derbigny street gang who partially operated out of the store.

Louisiana Daily Photo: Frenchmen Meat Market via rl reeves jr

Louisiana Daily Photo: Frenchmen Meat Market via rl reeves jr

Gang members would stash their weapons with the store’s workers who, when they weren’t operating as defacto gangsters, were encouraging customers to bring in food stamps which were exchanged for cash. The cash was then used to buy coke and heroin.

It was the Frenchmen/Derbigny gang who were the sellers of the drugs.

Just a friendly neighborhood meat market.

But there were opposing gangs who tried to muscle in on the Frenchmen/Derbigny turf, namely the Prieur Columbus Boys and the 110’ers.

That action meant violence must be rained down upon the upstarts to preserve the empire of drugs and money.

The empire began to crumble when gang member Brian Benson was taken down at his Arabi home by St Bernard Parish sheriffs in June of 2010.

Benson, upon release from prison three years hence, immediately returned to his old comrades in the Frenchmen/Derbigny Gang and resumed selling coke and heroin for gang kingpin Travis Scott.

Many of the gang’s drug sales were taking place in the Frenchmen Meat Market, owned by Eugene Tumbs, which led to an ATF raid in August of 2013. The gang had been taking a lot of heat after the infamous Mother’s Day 2013 Second Line shootout which featured the marksmanship of Frenchmen/Derbigny gang members Akein “Keemy” Scott and Shawn “Shizzle” Scott.

Interestingly, Frenchmen Meat Market was wired with video cameras which intrigued the government’s agents. On those tapes were hours and hours of drug dealing filmed right inside the store.

Two weeks ago Akein “Keemy” Scott and Shawn “Shizzle” Scott plead guilty to a laundry list of crimes including participating in the Mother’s Day shootings.

They will be sentenced next year.

Travis Scott is set to go on trial in October.

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