Louisiana Daily Photo: El Santos

When I was a Mexican wrestling promoter back in the 90s I held a night of tribute matches to El Santo (Rodolfo Guzman Huerta b.1917), the greatest wrestler to ever wage war under the spotlights.

He was one of a dying breed of luchadores, Mexican wrestlers, who broke out in Latin America to become a larger part of the public consciousness.

El Santo appeared all over Mexico fighting, attending galas and eating at taquerias.

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

He never took his mask off.

El Santo was also a major film star appearing in over 50 movies.

Rodolfo Guzman Huerta began his career as Santo on July 26, 1942. He retired in 1983.

The lucha libre wrestling community was stunned a year later when Santo partially revealed his face on a Mexican talk show.

He died a little over a week later.

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