Louisiana Daily Photo: Clarence And Lefty’s

Clarence and Lefty’s was established in 1932 and enjoyed a near half century run before shuttering in 1977.

One year after I first broke bread in a New Orleans restaurant.

Clarence And Lefty's Is Our Louisiana Daily Photo via RL Reeves Jr

Clarence And Lefty’s Is Our Louisiana Daily Photo via RL Reeves Jr

I never had the pleasure of dining at Clarence Scheeler and Virgil “Lefty” Bourgeois’ old joint but when you talk to New Orleanians of a certain age they swear that this was where the conversation on po boys started back when Moses was young.

Clarence Scheeler passed in 1972. I was not able to find a death record for Bourgeois.

Virgil “Lefty” Bourgeois was just 20 years old when he opened his restaurant.

In 1940 he called 1433 Pauline Street home; that’s right up the street from my old shotgun in the Bywater. You can practically still smell the lingering aroma of roast beef coming from that old house when you drive by.

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