Louisiana Daily Photo: Bocce Club In Metairie

I have a long and storied history with Kenner, Louisiana. When I was a little kid my dad would take me out to the lakefront on the edge of town to go crabbing. We’d buy dead chickens from a little roadside shack, tie them off then wade out in Pontchartrain to snag a basket of crabs for a boil.

Bocce Club In New Orleans

Bocce Club In New Orleans

A big treat involved being taken to the old Ground Pati on West Esplanade for their superb burgers and big pewter tankards of fresh rootbeer.

That restaurant is lost to the annals of time.

On a recent sojourn through nearby Metairie, I pulled over to the side of the road to snap a photo of the Italian American Bocce Club. One imagines phalanxes of elderly Italian men gather here to drink red wine, play bocce and talk about all the skirt they used to chase back in the old country.

Italian American Bocce Club
2340 Severn Ave
Metairie, Louisiana

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