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Ed Currie Breaks World’s Hottest Chile Record With His South Carolina Reaper

Breaking news coming out of the competitive chile pepper growing world:  Ed Currie of Rock Hill, South Carolina has been certified by the Guinness Book Of World Records as being the grower of the hottest chile pepper on earth. Currie’s … Continue reading

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The Best Cure For Cedar Fever

Sick as a dog. Barely able to function. Breezing through a roll of Charmin every hour on the hour. Sneezing to beat the band. Sinus headache. Sore throat. Hot mess. Delirium tremens. Welcome to cedar fever season in Austin, Texas. … Continue reading

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Definitive Kentucky Country Ham Buying Guide

  First, you’ve got to follow the law: For a ham to be called country, it has to have lost 18% of it’s green weight, and must be comprised of at least 4% salt. Anyone who’s eaten authentic country ham … Continue reading

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Kentucky’s Alltech Lexington Brewing Wins At Brussels Beer Challenge

I drank my first beer in the great state of Kentucky. Being raised in a dry county (the nearest place to purchase beer was in Jellico, Tennessee) meant that if the young country bucks I ran with were going to … Continue reading

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