Texas Daily Photo: Sabor A Honduras

I’m always seeking fried chicken in Austin Texas. Yes, I have my main source, my honey hole if you will; Galloway Soul Food down on 12th street, but they only do it one day a week and you never know when you might need a fix on one of the other 6 days.

The good Hondurans down at Sabor A Honduras provide an able back up plan. They serve their chicken hot from the fryer [deep] alongĀ  with rice, beans, plantains and flour tortillas-the vanishing and much sought after hand-patted style too.

Who’s serving the best fried chicken in Austin? Particularly seeking the down and dirty little gas stations on the fringes of town where a little old lady sets up shop once a week or so.


2412 Elmont Drive

Austin, TX


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  1. CarterB says:

    I like the chicken at Southern Hospitality. They serve it on Tuesday I believe and wings in Wed.

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