Texas Daily Photo: Baldera’s Barbecue In Waelder Texas

One of my favorite pit rooms in the state of Texas is at Baldera’s down in Waelder, Texas. I’ve waxed philosophic about this room for years dating all the way back to¬† the ownership of Dan Eureste [RIP] which began over 40 years ago.

Baldera’s is still following in the Texas hot guts tradition, putting out hand twisted and tied beef sausages along with brisket, ribs and now CARNITAS!

With Family Tradition currently shuttered we expect that Baldera’s Barbecue has seen a nice uptick in business of late. If you’re down around the Waelder, Flatonia area swing by and grab some hot guts and take a quick tour of the pit room.

If you’re lucky you’ll do so in the late afternoon when the sun beams in just right through the screens on the windows and off in the distance you may swear you can hear the hoof beats of Confederate cavalrymen.


419 W Us Highway 90

Waelder, Texas


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