On The Road With RL Reeves Jr: The Beauty Queens Of Lafourche Parish Louisiana

Queen Gabrielle Price in Lafourche Parish Louisiana

I rolled down to Gheens, Louisiana this past weekend for the 44th edition of the Bon Mange Festival.

It’s always a good time in Lafourche Parish.

Once I made my way into the community center where the party was taking place I immediately began taking pictures of pictures.

The old walls of the building are covered with photos of historic structures, young men in military outfits, and beauty queens from days gone by.

Soon enough, an old-timer came up to me to inquire as to what I was doing. He explained that his wife knew a lot of the area’s history and he would be happy to introduce her to me.

Miss Katie Dufrene Landry of Lafourche Parish Louisiana

Miss Katie could not have been sweeter, and when I asked if she knew any backstories on the beauty queens from the old days she laughed and pointed at a photo of herself from 1961 when she was the fairest lass in all of Lafourche Parish.

Miss Katie Dufrene Landry in 2017

I asked if she would be willing to let me take a picture of her and she was kind enough to oblige.

A year later in 1962, Annie Morrison wore the crown and Miss Katie informed me that she sadly believed Miss Morrison to be deceased.

Miss Annie Morrison. 1962. Lafourche Parish Louisiana

The next photo was of Carlotta Toups, the maiden of Lafourche in 1976. I asked after her and Miss Katie laughed and pointed across the room at a nice looking gal in a pink top. “There she is”

Carlotta Toups. 1976. Lafourche Parish Louisiana

I immediately begged off and walked across the hall to chat with Miss Carlotta.

Carlotta Toups. 2017. Lafourche Parish Louisiana

She’s a firecracker and was more than happy to pose for a couple quick snaps.

Next I made my way over to the sweets table where a teenage beauty was eyeballing the honeybun cake. She had a sash and a crown and was happy to pose for a photo as she’s one of three current Gheens Bon Mange Queens.

Gabrielle Price. 2017. Lafourche Parish Louisiana

Gabrielle Price asked for me to hold on a second and she quickly retrieved the other queens from a backroom where they were relaxing.

Taylor Williams. 2017. Lafourche Parish Louisiana

Of course a mama bear was in tow to make sure nothing untoward would happen to any of the local beauties.

Lexi Hebert. 2017. Lafourche Parish Louisiana

All three of the young ladies were as sweet as they could be and were happy to allow a stranger to take a few pictures to commemorate the 44th edition of Gheens Bon Mange.

The reigning queens of Gheens Bon Mange Festival

500 Po Boys: 2017 Gheens Bon Mange Festival

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