Dragged Kicking And Hollering Out Of The 2015 Kentucky Ham Breakfast

God I hope that’s never a headline associated with me.

Chris Hartman, however, probably has a different take on it.

The young Hartman was indeed dragged kicking and hollering out of the signal event in the Kentucky ham industry just this morning: Thursday August 27th 2015.

The Kentucky Ham Breakfast got its start back in 1963. Since then the annual event has served as a fundraiser for Louisville-area charities with the proceeds from the giant ham auction doled out to help a wide variety of organizations.

Only residents of Kentucky and hams cured and aged in Kentucky may compete. That’s why we don’t see Alan Benton roll up in a pickup truck loaded down with Tennessee country ham.

That’s a pity.

This morning the big Ham Breakfast got a little excitement when Chris Hartman, director of the obliquely named Fairness Campaign, was dragged kicking and hollering out of the event.

No word on whether he had a big belly of ham and biscuits when he was shown the door by two Kentucky State Troopers.

Hartman has a beef with the Kentucky Farm Bureau who sponsor the affair.

The winning ham from this year’s breakfast came from Father’s Country Hams in Bremen, Kentucky.

Anybody with working knowledge of Kentucky’s vaunted charcuterie scene knows this concern to be one of the finest in the state. Their ham brought $400k, or $28k per pound.

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